Members Only Page - Login Hints

I'm afraid there are still several members who are trying to use their personal credentials to log into the Members' Index.

That's perhaps partly my fault as I did indeed once write in a newsletter that it was my intention to arrange that all visitors to the website would be asked to log in with personal credentials or with their email address and a 'guest password'.   Congratulations to all those people who read that and still remember it but I'm afraid it was only an aspiration that never actually got implemented (a phrase that will sound very familiar to U.K. voters !).

Instead of that procedure   - which would have necessitated adding a piece of code to the start of every webpage -   I'm storing all the members-only stuff within a password protected folder and have emailed the credentials required to use that folder to every registered OK member.   It would rather defeat the object if I repeated them here,   but I can remind you that the username suggests a phrase describing who we are and the password includes a familiar placename and some significant dates.

That of course is very different to the personal credentials -   which have also been emailed to all concerned.   By default, the username consists of forename(dot)surname and the personal password will commence 'OK' & be followed by a group of letters and then your membership number but it is of course an option for you to change these to anything you prefer.

These would only be used within a webpage either to let you prove who you are before being allowed access to your own database record or perhaps to ensure that (say) a list of members you've asked for are relevant to your own circumstances.

To recap : 'General Members Credentials allow any member access to the Members' Index.   Personal credentials are for use by you only and much later in the process.

If you would like an email reminder of both the general members' credentials and your personal credentials, please click this link and be prepared to enter your forename and your registered email address.