Information for Prospective Members of The Old Khormaksarians Website

Our organisation is dedicated to remaking old friendships forged at any of the British schools in Aden during the 1950s & 60s
If you would like to join us, please click Here for an application form
If you don't want to fill in the complete application form (you might for instance want to keep your address completely secret or make more comments than the standard form allows), please email
including as many of the following details as you can :-

Surname (whilst at school)
Surname (now)
Whether or not you attended a school in Aden (& if so which)
(If not, please explain briefly why you would like to join us)

Date you arrived in Aden (as accurately as you can manage)
Date you left (also as accurately as you can manage)

We would like to arrange our register in 'Cohort order' so that people who shared a classroom will appear together in the list.   If you could give us your approximate date of birth (month & year will be sufficient) and whether you were in A, B or C stream at Khormaksar Secondary (or which Primary school you attended) we can calculate a 'cohort code' for you.

We will of course need your email address - but unless you do something strange that will appear in your email header.   If you have a secondary email address as well perhaps you could include that in the body of the text.

Over the years, several OKs have changed ISP & neglected to advise us.   To help find you if you make the same mistake, please could we have your full postal address and telephone number - these will not appear in the published register although we shall list your approximate location in case other OKs in the same area should want to arrange a social function.

We would very much like your memories of Aden to post on the site together with copies of any books, magazines, photographs etc.   There is no charge for membership of the OKs although any social functions that we do arrange might require some payment.   Members have access to a non-public part of the website which will contain details of how to contact other members and where to view additional material.

Look forward to hearing from you soon