About the Old Khormaksarians

We are a group of people who as kids accompanied our parents to Aden in the 1950s & 60s.   Most of us came from RAF or Army families, a few from a Naval background and others of us were there because our civilian parents were working with the forces or for one of the multinational companies who had interests in the area.

The largest group of our members attended the Secondary School at RAF Khormaksar run by the British Families Education Service.   Others (who of course would have been too young for secondary school at the time) attended the primary school next door, another at Chapel Hill (behind the RAF Middle East Command HQ at Steamer Point) or towards the end of the era another opened at Falaise Camp at the Little Aden side of the harbour.   A handful would have attended the Convent at Tawahi or the R.C. Boys School next door.   We also have members who were being educated at UK boarding schools or universities but who visited during vacations.

Half a century later, we may be spread around the world but have never forgotten the lifestyle we enjoyed then.   A few of us have managed to revisit our childhood haunts and found them little changed.   Many more of us harbour the ambition to go back but until then have to make do with the shared photographs and other memorabilia contained within this website.

If you've found this website via a search engine and consider yourself eligible to join us,   please email our webmaster with your details.   We'll add them to our register and tell you how to access a list that is already several hundred strong so may well include one or more of your childhood pals.

Membership of the site is free.   All we ask is that you let us have your details to add to our register and that if you have any relevant memorabilia you would consider sharing it with us.