The Old Khormaksarians Photographs

There may be a few photographs illustrating this site but the bulk of our collection has been stored in a 'Flickr' archive
Members of the site are eligible to join a Flickr subgroup and those who have already joined have made many photographs from the fifties & sixties available for other subgroup members to view.

Other members have forwarded copies of their family photos to the OK Webmaster who has stored them in the main Flickr archive (which is of course a member of the subgroup in its own right).   There are another three or four hundred such photos available.   Another couple of thousand more recent photographs were taken on the several trips back to Aden made by OK members and these too are stored in the main Flickr archive.

For reasons of copyright, family privacy etc all these photos are available only to OK members and their friends & relations.   Details of how to view them are supplied on joining.

To join the OKs or to join our Flickr subgroup   please contact our webmaster