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However, several of the links appear to be 'broken' Please contact Webmaster if you want to add new ones

Some of our school chums commuted across from Little Aden where their dads worked for BP. There is a specialist site for them with a lot of Little Aden photos (but quite a lot of interest to the rest of us too

The Boy Scouts Association have their own "reunion" website at

And I believe both of our troops are represented there.

I don’t think the Girl Guides Association do anything similar (yet) but you could always write and ask them when they’re going to start.

Some of the other schools I attended have websites – rather better than mine but it’s nice to have something to aim for !

King Alfred School, Plön and Lewes County Grammar School for Boys

And no doubt many people who went to Khormaksar will also have gone to other BFES or SCE schools 

e.g. or in Germany

Slim School and Bourne School both in Malaysia

Tal Handaq in Malta and St Georges in Hong Kong

The Army Children Archive
is of course mainly concerned with schooling for kids from Army families but has some content of interest to RAF families and of course there were quite a few army families in Aden anyway

There is a BFES/SCE association. Their website has been offline for the last couple of years but I'm pleased to announce that it has now been relaunched at a slightly different address :

There is an Aden Veterans’ Association website with lots of Aden related pictures & links. 

The British-Yemeni Society was founded in 1993 to promote mutual friendship and understanding, and to advance public knowledge in the United Kingdom about the Republic of Yemen, its history, geography, economy, and culture.

Amongst other charitable activities, I understand they offer some help to The Ras Marbat Clinic (an eye hospital attached to Christ Church, Tawahi)

For a 'civvy' view of Aden in the sixties, take a look at David Harrington's website
David was a Marconi engineer working in Aden from 1961-5.
Alas, David's site is no more (and neither I suspect is David). I have a backup copy on my home computer and hope to make some of his material available on this site. If I haven't yet included a link to it then I'm afraid that's still 'Work in Progress'

The Yemen Times makes an interesting change from reading our own papers’ views on what’s happening in the Middle East. On a lighter note, it has a lot of pictures like this one that I think we’ll all recognise. (sorry ! that Aden Times picture link seems to be broken)


A few of our members have revisited Aden in the twentyfirst century and found it essentially little changed. No doubt others would consider joining a future trip. Before making any other arrangements, it would be as well to consult the British Government's FCO website.

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The great thing about a group’s website is that many people can search the Internet rather more thoroughly than one person working alone. The following table of links has been contributed by several members (but any errors in it are probably my fault) :-

Ann Swallow (Née Amos)


A couple from Surrey went on a trip to the Yemen in 1997 and posted some pictures of Aden

Barry Dunlop


Some pictures of Front Bay & Yemen plus a brief history of Aden


Panorama of Aden & some pictures of Yemen


Pictures of Steamer Point & general Yemen (website is in German Language)


A travel review of Aden


Pictures of Yemen & one of Aden


Essentially a nautical map but it shows all the different area of Aden


Picture of the Italian Club, one of two swimming clubs in Gold Mohur Bay. The next bay along was called Elephant Bay believed to be because of the shape of the rock that can be seen.


A travel review of Aden


History of Aden with pictures from the Port of Aden website


A couple of pictures of Aden


Picture of Maalla & some of Yemen


History of the Port of Aden

Eric Mears


Duxford Air Museum has lots of RAF aircraft from our era and also a Royal Anglian Regiment display featuring memorabilia from their tour in Aden. This has been suggested as a possible reunion venue.


Christ Church, Steamer Point still seems to be in business. Indeed Mike Crane & I visited it in 2007


A link to the CIA database for Yemen


A website for history of RAF’s Marine Craft Section


Many of us visited Mombasa from Aden. A friend of mine from another school site runs a block of holiday flats just down the road from the old 'Silver Sands Holiday Camp'


Khormaksar Schools seems to have been alive with authors !


Garry Kilworth is now a well-known author – one of his books is based upon his experiences at our school in the 1950’s and again in 1967. This link is to his own website where you can find a brief review of "Standing on Shamsan"


Jon Magee has written a couple of books based on his RAF childhood memories. This link is to the Facebook page for his book about Aden.


Roger Ley is another to base a book on RAF childhood memories. This link is to a Kindle download of 'A Horse in the Morning' in which two chapters and several pictures are devoted to his family's time in Aden and holidays in Kenya..

Pat Mobbs (Née Davies)


Several of our members have mentioned travelling on the Nevasa. Pat has found a picture of it in its TS era.


There are some pictures of Aden on this site run by former RAF apprentices. Surfing around in that area you’ll probably find some more.

Alan Grace


Alan found a site that sounded as though it might be run by a present-day Aden resident. I struggled a bit with it on my first visit intended to have another look at it later as it sounded quite interesting but can no longer find it.

Mike Downs & Peter Pickering


These two OKs have set up a 'Virtual Airline' based on Khormaksar Airport as it was in the 1960s. The site also includes a lot of Aden pictures.


Mike has also found this page which offers the latest advice to travellers from the Australian Government

Ian Dudding


Ian's family were in Aden in the early 1950s and his website has many pictures from that era

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