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Above characters are (deliberately) badly written.   First is obviously an upper case letter, second is a numeral, third is a lower case letter near start of alphabet, Fourth is a reasonably clear upper case letter from near middle of alphabet and final one is a numeral.   Purple blobs have no significance apart from helping to confuse.   Please check you're using the correct case when typing your response.   Hopefully this simple test will be too much bother for the spammers who messed about with our last guest book.   I have also tried to overcome the problem where the amount of input text for your comments was limited.   There is of course still a limit but it shouldn't worry too many.

N.B. One small point that has already confused several members.   If you look at the Guestbook immediately after posting a comment but don't see what you've just posted,   try pressing the 'Refresh' button on your internet browser. Sorry, but reading the entries is a facility reserved for members only.

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